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Football Lay BetsClick Image To Visit SiteJoin my "Inner Circle". I’ll show you how £25 stakes would have netted you £4000 so far this season. FREE: I’m going toTEACH you HOW I make my selections. I won’t even charge you for this info!

"Let me do all the work, while you watch your betting bank grow a bit more, daily …"

How about £15k profit using £100 stakes? I’m certain that you’d bite my hand off if I were able to teach you how to do that…. luckily for you, today is that day.

I used to work full time from 9am to 5pm, five days a week. It wasn’t the worst job in the world, but I wanted more for myself. Outside of work, I used to combine my two passions – betting and football. In 2016, I placed over 600 bets managed to achieve a strike rate of over 90% In the 2017 season, I have placed 200+ bets and achieved a 91.3% strike rate.

If you’ve ever used Betfair, you’ll know what a LAY bet it. In theory, lay bets allow YOU to act as the bookmaker. If you’re unsure how a lay bet works, what you are doing is betting AGAINST a specific outcome. For example, let’s say we have Chelsea vs. Manchester United. If we place a lay bet on Manchester United, what we are predicting is that Manchester United WON’T Win. In other words, if the game ends in a Chelsea win or a draw, we win whatever amount we staked. It sounds easy, but it can be dangerous when the odds get too big (this is where I come in because I keep odds low, which keeps risk and losses extremely low). This is how I managed to achieve a strike rate of over 90% since 2015.

Easy – I do… Read more…

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