Green Gold Rush 2016

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4) Arkansas, Montana, Florida & North Dakota all hopped on the billion-dollar bandwagon, as well.

5) Florida is a whopper. The sunshine state, by itself could possibly be looking at revenues of $5.6 billion…annually!

6) California’s economy is ranked 6 in the entire world, making it more prosperous than most developing nations’ economies. The California "weed" industry is anticipated to blossom into over $6.4 billion by 2020.

Soon, this already sizable industry may inflate to more than $14 billion–essentially overnight. And before long, there will not be a single place in America, big or small, that does not have some time of marijuana economy(a legal one). Regardless if you are for or oppose the legalization of marijuana, this fresh industry is already creating a jaw-dropping economic footprint.

In Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and D.C., where legalization already is in place, marijuana sales went up 300% last year. In Colorado alone, "Mary-Jane" has already helped create approximately 18,000 new jobs and $1 billion in total sales. It should come as no surprise that the companies in this growing sector have delivered the most impressive gains on the market.

Look at these examples: Digital Development Group saw its shares rocket up 1,500% in only 14 days…Vape Holdings sprinted up 8,875% in about 4 months…And United Cannabis Corporation rewarded traders with unbelievable 16,700% profits in just a few weeks…These are out of the norm type gains, but imagine how these… Read more…

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