K5 Stars – Don’t let your kids fall behind! – Educational Games for Kids.

K5 Stars - Don't let your kids fall behind! - Educational Games for Kids.Click Image To Visit SiteA: Our educational games are most popular with PK to 3rd grade students. We also offer activities for 4th and 5th grades.

Q: What type of computer do I need in order to use your games? Will I need to download and install anything from your website?

A: All the games work on both Windows and Mac computers that have modern Web browsers. Our games take just seconds to load and there is no need to install or configure any additional software from our website.

A: K5 Stars already includes over two hundred educational activities. Moreover, we are constantly working on adding new topics and games. If you have any suggestions about new quizzes or exercises, we would love to hear from you!

A: Yes. Every result is stored in our database. You can review students’ results as soon as you sign in as a teacher or a parent.

A: Absolutely. You can feel safe letting your children play on our website. There are no ads or annoying pop-ups, so your child enjoys playing and learning in a safe, kid-friendly environment. Read more…

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