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    Learn To Draw...Click Image To Visit SiteAnd it looks realistic; complete with the correct perspective and light; complete with shadows that make your drawings pop and come to life.

    Yes, even a complex drawing like a human face or figure, some of the hardest yet most satisfying things an artist can draw.

    Creating a great drawing is its own reward. You know it’s great when you see it. From the first glance to a thorough drinking in of the image, it intrigues you.

    When other people see it, they are also amazed. It turns out: you’re not the only one who loves it.

    You’ve seen awesome drawings like this, right? They are the kind of drawings that create reputations and a following.

    And others. Many great artists start by drawing. It’s the basis upon which their art is built. It all starts with the basic ability to create drawings which are great art in themselves but can also be turned into paintings and other art forms

    The ability to create such drawings has its own rewards but it can also open the doors to your other dreams.

    You can be an artist, a painter, a sculptor. Or maybe you want to be an animator, a graphic designer or an industrial designer…the choice is yours.

    There are many things you can do with such a skill. You can create your own works of art. You could draw for an animation studio. You could create graphics for games. You could create your own comics or you could work for a comic book company. Or you could sell your comics to them. Or, well…

    And maybe you just want to achieve a peaceful state of mind, the self-satisfaction and the confidence that only an ability to draw can bring.

    Whatever the dream is… Read more…

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