The Non-Technical Founder

    The Non-Technical FounderClick Image To Visit SiteKeyword Scout was a keyword research tool that helped businesses find low-competition, high commercial intent keywords on Google to rank their websites for. I sold this to over 1200 businesses.

    SerpClix is a software that artificially increases the click-through rate of results on Google. I had over 10,000 users involved. I had over 250 agencies paying me monthly before it was acquired.

    Shout is my current focus. It is an influencer search engine that allows you to find, research and reach out to influencers. Over 500 companies use Shout to find influencers to promote their companies on Instagram and YouTube.

    This isn’t one of those get-rich-quick schemes that charge you a bunch of money for a snake-oil salesman to tell you everything you want to hear. In fact, what I teach isn’t quick at all, and that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. However, success will happen quicker than you think. You’ll start following the blueprint in the book and then you’ll hit the last page of the book and realize how far you and your newly founded company have come. However, let me tell you why I wrote a book (and why it’s so cheap)…

    My name is Josh MacDonald and I’m 22 years old. In high school I sold 6-figures worth of marketing software. I did it again in college but this time bigger – and that company was recently acquired by a marketing firm.

    After having success, a number of people started reaching out asking how I did it. So, I decided to write The Non-Technical Founder to help all those people understand how I did what I did, twice.

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